The most evocative thing to me is probably when a writer and a group of performers can collectively put together something compelling that asks the really simple question: How do we live?

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Finance & Operations

The accounts for 2015 posted an historic net profit of $4.2M. Considering the continued cautious nature of consumers, this was a strong result particularly when this included the retirement of our debt and the purchase of the property, 1 Dale Street for $2.7M out of cash surplus. In line with our strategic planning we continued to maintain investment into the property and its facilities which was mirrored in the value of the asset increasing to $64.4M.



Finance & Operations

Our strategy in becoming a profitable, gastronomic destination resulted in annual food and beverage sales of $3.1M and equated to a food and beverage net profit in 2015 of $336,000. The strong sales represented our customers popular response to this strategy and the product quality that we were offering with the net profit reflecting the Board and Management’s business acumen and operational efficiency. Our restaurants continue to be recipients of numerous prestigious industry awards along with positive reviews published by recognised food critics.

Food & Beverage sales $


Finance & Operations

Whilst our operation has proven to be popular with clients and financially efficient and profitable, this certainly has not diluted our continued commitment towards our environmental responsibility. Our continued, conscientious approach towards recycling (in all aspects possible such as glass, garbage, food, paper, ink cartridges and water etc) as well as our commercial rooftop herb garden and multiple bee hives, are all testimony to this. In short, the 2015 accounts reflect our organisation’s profitability with virtually zero debt and a cash at bank of $1.6M.

Debt level $


Sub Branch

The Sub Branch executive and administrative team continue to be a committed and dynamic group of individuals with a clear vision of how to be of service to those who served our country. They continue to compromise what needs to be compromised, yet protect venomously the history and ethos of the Sub Branch and what it represents to ensure that the legacy of those who courageously served our country and their legacy is always resurrected, respected and remembered. Their tireless work in remembrance ceremonies such as Anzac Day and Commemoration Sunday hold many important purposes, none more important than educating the youth and reminding them of those who made sacrifices on their behalf. The Fairfield RSL Sub Branch is not just an important part of the Fairfield RSL Club, but a pillar to our local community and society in general.


Social Justice

When looking at the value of our organisation one certainly needs to shift our paradigms to include more than operational or fiscal results and whilst one cannot deny that they are important, our contribution to the social justice movement simply cannot be ignored. Not only can it not be ignored, I believe we have a moral obligation to be involved and committed to it. Whilst we can never rest on our laurels and this is an insatiable cause our organisation continues its commitment to social justice matters on both local and international levels. Our local Youth Club, Westmead Children’s Hospital, Legacy and Matthew Talbot Hostel for homeless men continue to receive significant financial support whilst internationally we maintain our financial support to the Blue Dragon Charity in Vietnam and the Youth for Christ orphanages in Burundi.

Number of charities supported



Social Justice

As a registered club, I believe we have a corporate and moral obligation to continue to support those whom alcohol and gambling have had a negative effect on, hence, our continued and long-term support to Oakdene House Foundation. Further to this, the cornerstone to our staff’s culture is that of their own SJC (Social Justice Committee) which in and of itself raised in excess of $36,000 and contributed hundreds of volunteer hours to works of a social justice nature. It is this contribution and those of its nature that are omnipotent.

Donations $

Including Sub Clubs, In Kind, Legacy &Aux.


President’s Report

Members, another year, another dollar (or in the Club’s case, another $4.2 million). 2015 was a record year for the Club, in profit, trading, donations to the local, and wider, community, support for Oakdene House, local schools, youth work experience, and, of course, the Sub Branch. However, we still support our core business, the welfare of our veterans, both service and ex-service.

Although we made record profits, we also continued with our updating of the Club’s facilities. By the time that you read this report, our ‘forest’ gaming area should be completely finished, with real trees growing in the gaming machine banks, natural light, running water features, and bird noises in the background. The Emporium should also be re-opened, offering a greater range of products to our members and guests, in a superb setting.

Our management team, and the Club’s consultant, do an excellent job in reviewing and updating our Budget. This is reflected in our bottom-line of profit and cash at bank.

Mentioning our cash at bank, we can boast that we now have in excess of $3 million in the bank by the time you read this report, and basically no debt whatsoever. We have also purchased the shops opposite the Fairfield Railway Station and Vine Street, and we are receiving a healthy rental from them, further diversifying our sources of income.

Last year, the Club donated well in excess of $500,000 to community groups, including Oakdene House (to provide Problem Gambling and Alcoholic related counselling), Westmead Children’s Hospital, and the Vietnam Veterans Peacekeeping and Peacemaking Association to provide counselling and assistance to veterans leaving the Armed Forces to claim their correct entitlements from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Our Youth Club, the Women’s Auxiliary, and Legacy were all recipients of generous support from the Club. Fairfield RSL Memorial Club was one of the first Clubs in NSW to agree to support the “Homes For Heroes” Program, and we will continue to do so. Basically, at any one time, there are between 2,000 and 3,000 ex-servicemen and women, who are homeless, and this program offers accommodation, counselling and assistance to return to mainstream ”civvie street”.

The Sub Branch is not forgotten either, as part of our core business, with the Club paying for Commemoration Sunday, ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day. The Club also buys the RSL and Legacy badges, etc, which the Women’s Auxiliary then sell, and the amount of their sales is again matched by the Club, enabling them to donate their funds to the welfare of service and ex-service personnel.

Overall, apart from being a leader in the Club Industry, the facilities that we provide here at the Club, Should provide a sense of pride in every member, let alone management, staff and the Board of Directors. During each year, the Club is visited by Managers and Directors from other Clubs, and even Casinos, to see just what Fairfield is doing now.

It would be remiss of me not to mention our wonderful staff. They not only provide the excellent service that sets us apart from other Clubs, but their Social Justice Committee raises funds to support an orphanage in Vietnam, a school in Burundi, as well as giving up their own time to visit Nursing Homes in the local area every month, as well as Matthew Talbot Hostel to serve meals to homeless men and women twice a year.

I wish to thank my fellow Directors, our CEO, Management, staff, as well as our Administrative staff who keep the Club running efficiently and effectively. Well done! Finally, I would like to thank the members, for your continuing support and trust in my leadership of the Board of Directors. I will continue to serve and represent you in all levels of the Club Industry, as well Local, State and Federal politics, as required from time to time, as long as I have that trust and support.

Paul Bryant, President


Treasurer’s Report

2015 posted an historical operating net profit for our organisation of $4,210,668. Further to this, we have virtually no debt (consisting of $80,006 in leases). Our cash at bank when closing the 2015 accounts was $1.6M. In summary, with a record net profit, virtually zero debt and a substantial amount of cash at bank, Fairfield RSL has built a strong fiscal platform.

Other noticeable financial matters of importance should also include our continued capital investment into the property of $8,822,474 has seen not only an aesthetic return, but also a substantial increased value to our asset. A further notable point should be the acquisition of the corner property located on Dale Street (which was purchased with cash surplus). This is certainly a step forward in securing Fairfield RSL’s future.

Whilst measuring one’s fiscal key performance indicators is one way of measuring an organisation’s success, perhaps another is measuring our relevance to the community and our members via specific and audited data e.g. our organisation reflected its relevance in relation to its food and beverage offerings by turning over $3,165,545 for 2015.

Our asset (including plant and machinery) is valued at $64,436,861. Our organisation made charitable donations (including those of goods and services in kind) of $712,532.

Our various sub clubs received $107,917 to help support their ongoing sports and interests while finally, our staffs’ internal SJC (Social Justice Committee) raised a grand total of $39,998 (mostly via contributions from their own wages) to charitable or disaster appeals.

Whilst it is the information in the beginning of my report that will help cement the future of our Club, it is perhaps those of the latter in relation to donations are those that articulate and secure the values and ethos of the Fairfield RSL Club.

On a final note, I would like to congratulate my fellow board members and the management team for their ongoing work and commitment.

Ken Young OAM, Treasurer

AGM Information

The Club will open at 8:00am for members wishing to attend the Annual General Meeting in the Conference Room. Patrons are advised that trading will not commence until fifteen (15) minutes after the AGM is opened. Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of City of Fairfield R.S.L. Memorial Club Limited will be held in the Conference Room at the Club’s premises at 14 Anzac Avenue, Fairfield, New South Wales on Sunday 1st May, 2016 commencing at 9:00am.